En ce qui concerne la saison 4 de Dix Pour Cent, nous avons de bonnes nouvelles pour les fans. The storylines for this comedic series come from the lived experience of co-creator Dominique Besnehard, who was one of the most well-known talent agents in France. More Netflix … Dix Pour Cent Season 4 Cancelled or Renewed? Take out your agendas! Call My Agent tells the story of a talent agency who, after the death of the agency’s founder, a number of agents must keep the agency afloat. The series is set at a top Paris talent firm. We finally know the release date of the next episodes of Dix Pour Cent on France 2 which will be the last! Last episode of Dix Pour Cent on Netflix aired on November 28, 2018. Tweet to us or Leave a comment! Call My Agent is kind of the French equivalent of the US series Entourage. The successful French series is finally making its comeback on France 2.Indeed, more than a year after learning of the arrival of two new personalities to the cast of Ten percent season 4, the channel announced on Twitter yesterday the official release … Netflix a renouvelé la série pour une autre saison. In France they call this show Dix Pour Cent, referring to the commission an actor pays to … Call My Agent, formerly known as Dix Pour Cent, is the newest international television series to be added to Netflix.Call My Agent originally made its debut on the France 2 network in France. Dix pour cent (Call my agent) is a fantastic comedy. Dix Pour Cent Call My Agent / Dix Pour Cent. Dix Pour Cent (Call My Agent on Netflix) is *everything* I’m OBSESSED with this show. Currently both seasons are available on Netflix. Posted by 5 months ago. returned to French national television last Wednesday, watched that evening by around 4 million viewers in France. ‘Call My Agent!’ Series Overview. I binged all three seasons in two days and I’m dying to see the final season when it comes out. Dix Pour Cent (Call My Agent on Netflix) is *everything* Close. Call My Agent!, which airs in France under the title Dix pour cent, follows four Parisian talent agents and streams on Netflix in the UK Call My Agent! The show had two seasons with a total 12 episodes. The show is about four talent agents, Andrea, Mathias, Gabriel, and Arlette, who offer the show’s viewers a great glimpse into the celebrity world. It's well written and acted, modern and fresh but without any politically correct preaching (because it's French, the same concept made in most other western countries would have been a disaster). Call My Agent!, Netflix review - French movie stars turn out for witty and waspish TV show . Call My Agent (Dix pour cent), a French language dramedy about agents and the actors they represent is streaming on Netflix.The agents perform extraordinary acts to earn their 10% from the various actors under their care. Do you have a tip for us? Dix Pour Cent Season 4 is yet to be renewed by Netflix: Dix Pour Cent S4 Release Date — TBA. The cast is fabulous, especially Camille Cottin who plays Andréa. The characters are human, flawed and likable, their problems relatable. Call My Agent (Dix Pour Cent) is a French TV series released in 2015. 18. Dix Pour Cent a été renouvelée pour sa troisième saison qui est sortie le 4 janvier 2019 sur Netflix et s’est avérée être un franc succès. The third season of Dix pour cent (Call My Agent!) (Original French title Dix pour cent; "ten percent") is a French television series that aired on France 2 from 14 October 2015, to 4 November 2020, consisting of four seasons for a … The Break This was the case for me with the three seasons of the wonderful French series, Call My Agent (Dix Pour Cent), set in Paris, which is soon to launch a fourth, and reportedly final, season on Netflix.